review of X-Risk: How Humanity Discovered Its Own Extinction by Thomas Moynihan (2020 Urbanomic Press)

Clearly this book was written by someone who enjoys collecting all these ruinous and delightfully abhorrent mental cataclysms, a necessary feat at the very moment when we might desperately cling to old certitudes in the throes of apocalyptic theology, in spite of the daily facts that remind us that we’ve jumped off the cliff a while ago. Here comes a 21st c historical perspective on the long XX century of dreaming up wild galactic-scale visions about the present via the far future and across cosmic silences, not ignoring both the divergences and the ongoing dialogue btw Mutually Assured Destructive partners, a worthwhile recuperative effort especially in light of recent New Cold War fears.

a growing Book List (2020-2021)

Now as we approach the end of 2020 here is a provisional & growing list of books and studies that usually get to the top of bottom of my pile. (scroll scroll scroll!)

They are here for whomever is interested even in the slightest and wants to track them. In the vastness of the library of Babel -net libraries there is always a premium of which book to click, download, grab the first one from the list. I always loved to immerse myself in both physical libraries as well as the electronic archival one. Go choose a year, a subject and hit search! Go to trough all the sections of your local library, look to the new apparitions and get lost in your favorite section. Peruse and only in the end make your choice, go for your favorite one or your heart’s chosen author.

LOW Vibrations :: tune in and drop out with Octavian Nemescu (1940 – 2020) (for 2020)

If we are all Covidians now, it is because we are all dreaming about keeping our temperature low, reptilian and asymptomatic, below the radar of Telethermographic systems that keep mammalian burning out in the glow!

The Feral Aesthetics of the Glow in the Dark (2016 bio-matter blog)

The almost hysteric, overflow and cellular vibratory excess shimmers & somehow does not adhere to the golden Triangle or perform the ordered symmetry of the usual HD prize winning ‘beautiful’ macrophotography of impeccable butterfly wing scales and exquisite, composite eyes. I am not saying the actual cytoplasmic dynamics are ugly or repulsive in any way – because in fact they are beautiful and deadly at the same time. I tried to find the tipping point when they become unsettling, transitional between in vivo & ex vivo, lofi/hi-def, not really sure where they happen or if their initial bodies or tissue cultures still exist or have survived these recordings.

…lui Ionuţ Cioană aka Mircea Nicolae (1980-2020)

Pe de-o parte, parcă ne-am mirosit, adulmecat, gudurat, mârâit după mult timp şi schimbat ceva urină, lecturi, fantasme și autori ceva de speriat nu alta. Planează şi o ciudată iresponsabilitate, pe cât de voioasă supărătoare și serioasă/neserioasă pe atăt de periculoasă se vrea. Undeva adie şi o mustrare abia schiţată, un joc mortal, ludibrium cu victime, cu câştiguri-pierderi colaterale pe toate parţile. În mod aberant sper că e un proiect desfăşurat de MN pe seama noastră a tuturor.

The Jupiter Menace 1982 documentary by Lee Auerbach and Peter Matulavich (review planetneukoln 2016)

There is an incredible amount of fringe characters featured and interviewed: from an ex director of DARPA Peter Franken turned doom prophet, from computer using catholic priests dating the Apocalypse, to soothsayer seismologists, to various psi power activists, mediums and a very large portion of survivalist, ultra-conservative militarist militia communes, self-organizing against what they regarded as governmental encroachment or future conflict. Paramilitary and contras (a general term for various US backed and funded right wing rebel groups in Nicaragua from 79 to the early 90s) activities, items, worldviews, accessories and aesthetics seem to spill over into the underground.

Rabid 2019 (review, TimeSpace Warps)

The Soska sisters really brought this new cosmetic ideal to Rabid, in a lusty, Mask of the Red Death-like over the top full of gory humor way. This has an overlay with contagion from pre Covid 19 era that blends into now, that I consider particularly helpful in the context of the epidemic as spectacle, as hype and fashion trend not just as scare.

Spaceship Earth 2020 (review, TimeSpace Warps)

Hard to miss out the complete absence of screens, absence of touch screens, there’s only the glass – aquarium Vivarium dimension of it all. There is a lot to be said about Biospherian handshakes, touching the other trough glass, being in touch on the other side of the Zoo screen and being inaccessible in plain sight. The Pillar Artist project in 2019 Timișoara touches the same ground, of being accessible whilst at the same time isolated, in a public (closed) space exposed but out of reach.

Havoc in Heaven 1963, Wan Brothers (review 2020, TimeSpace Warps)

Not only does the Monkey King survive his alchemical ordeal, but he is fortified by it, in his hiding place, after smoldering in the crucible he becomes practically indestructible. Neither blade or fire can cut or hurt him any longer. All the banishment and excommunication acts as dialectical reversal producing the most incredible enemy the heavenly hierarchy has seen.

Gegen Sinophobie – und: Für ein dämmerndes, SciFi-infiziertes sinofuturistisches Europa! (Berliner Gazette, 2020)

Es ist ein Appell für ein mutiertes, schrilles, noch nie zuvor gesehenes Europa, das die ethno-staatliche Politik und die nationalistischen Tendenzen beschämt, die überall in der Festung Mono-Europa blühen, weit entfernt von den neu ummauerten Ländern und den Stacheldrahtzäunen, die fast gleichzeitig an den östlichen Grenzen des Kontinents installiert und hochgezogen werden. Welch besseren Zeitpunkt könnte es geben, um einen solchen Raum post factum zurückzuerobern, nachdem er seine Arbeit getan hat, nachdem alles weg ist, alles zerstört, alles abgerissen wurde, nur um Platz für einen weiteren irrealen Immobilienboom und eine weitere Pleite zu schaffen, ein bloßes “Eigentumsanrecht”, das den Besitzern zurückgegeben wird, wo dann eine noch stärkere Finanzialisierung des Wohnungssektors stattfinden kann.

Seminţia lui Brockden Brown (1998, unpublished)

Departe de vechile canoane, parazitându-le pe cele noi, ea este microbul perfect, invizibil pentru ochiul liber, asuns printre rânduri, gata sa procreeze dqnd nastere unor genuri noi, hibride si devastatoare. Stravechiul Brown poate fi multumit, acolo unde zace el acum, chicotind sinistru, căci seminţia sa se îngraşa văzând cu ochii din compostul postmodern…

Moyashimon: Tales of Putrescience and Fermentation (Otaku MAG #8 City & Nature 2014)

Reginald, as opposed to Tadayasu – the microbiological language speaking student – is a bacteriologist that turns into a linguist – in an apparently futile experiment to teach lab bacteria to speak the English language. Not only did he achieve that trough very brutal artificial selection methods, but he produced new, more and more extravagant bacterial strains able to see into the future. Bacteria start writing down inside the agar coated petri dishes entire libraries about future events. Gulliveria coli prophetissima, Gulliveria coli prophetica, G. coli telecognitiva, G. coli excitina futurognostica – are exhibiting all the traits of a future forecasting quorum sensing bacterial community that has somehow surpassed or outlived its human educator.

Romania Dracula Land Bär on Air (19.00 h Thursday 12 April 2005 Freies Radio für Stuttgart)

This is a recording of a radio show Bär on Air special Romania. In Stuttgart I met a wonderful guy and great radio DJ Andreas Bär from the Freies Radio Stuttgart on 99.2 MHz (Antenne) 102,1 (Kabel). I tried to introduce some of the electronic musicians +snapshots of the RO experimental music scene way in 2005. Some people are still around some I’ve lost contact with but here you can hear them here.
The music played was published as Target Trash # compilation (a DVD zine by Karl Killian aka FMZombiemaus from Vienna).

Herpes Awakening:: the creeping into perception trough virotic paresthesia and formication:: (Jungle Juice zine, Supernova editions 2015)

It is not only hiding behind the veil of emotive forces and voluntary or involuntary motor control, it also interpolates itself under their radar, it inactivates or dis-activates or kills these switches at will (*I would avoid calling it “will” or bind it within intentionality and I’ll try to show you why below). Suffice to know (or not sufficient just “to know” in this case) that it makes its home by infecting the heart of human-zootic sensorium beyond its doors of human perception – in the very nucleus of the nerve’s cell body.

WALLs as Biophilters, Genetic Bottlenecks & New Wallace Lines (bio-matter blog 2014)

These are places of new, man-made Wallace Lines separating newly developed (and unintended) baleful biogeographies (in a sense xenobiogeographies) of arrested dispersal; keeping out entire biotopes considered repulsive, unwanted, destructive or simply chronologically unacceptable.

decentering chordata columnarity with the help of urochordata (bio-matter blog 2011)

This important groups of sea creatures has voted long-ago for bottom-feeding and filter-feeding, and if so, it has also quietly revolted against superior aims, against teleology, against intelligent design or against a chain of being rising from inanimate matter to us vertebrate angels.

Runaway Architecture & Kinetic Arcology (article, CCB blog 2013)

Arcology is not only a literary or cinematic subgenre, it is also vehicle for ffwd the un- scalable dimensions of urban expansion and its inverse pull – the retreating city, the ruined carcass left behind expansion. As such, arcologies fuse both terminus points – the growth or the degrowth, revealing their unity within one continuing Babel movement.

The Sunken Centrifugal Pumps of Industrial Capitalism cca 1911 (entry, CCB blog 2013)

Some of these metal heart transplants stayed underground as sunken pumps. These proto-mail order catalogues (actually telegram order catalogues as part of what some have called the Victorian Internet*) introduced the first images of motors and motor halls, factories and early control rooms all looking quite deserted and unmanned.

Pastoral beehives in the Danube Delta 1974 (entry, CCB blog 2013)

They are part of a highly organized nearly Fourier-ist model town exactly in the marshlands and mosquito wilds of Europe’s greatest river delta. Like some ancient Lower Egypt metropolis the beehive families are living in the midst of rich alluvial plains and floating, semi-inudated island worlds. In fact the representation of ancient Egyptian Paradise – Aaru, /ɑːˈruː/; Ancient Egyptian jꜣrw “Reeds, rushes” known also as sḫt-jꜣrw or the Field of Reeds was not very far from this.

The Woodman as Necromancer in 1956: bringing back the dead forest (entry, CCB blog 2013)

I am sick of discussions and fed up with the topic of Romanian ‘wood civilisation’, of establishing an anthropological eco-friendly trajectory of the ethnic of so-called historical guardians of the forest. There is something dead ‘wooden’ in this material discrimination, of wood vs stone or worse wood vs plastic litany, as well as in the enterprise to woodify and lignify the geographic connection between the remaining forested territory and rightful constitutional owners at the moment when so much of the forest has been cleared and exported to Germany and Austria. There is wood and there is wood. And what counts as wood, or what exactly is meant by standing reserved at some point in history also counts.

Pistoane și valve steampunk: noua ordine mondială a lumilor vechi (article, IDEA arta & societate #13, 2004)

Reclamele de pe site-urile steampunk și din publicațiile steampunk vorbesc despre agresivitatea și naivi­tatea mesajului publicitar în genere, indiferent de epocă. De pasiunea imensă pentru gadget-uri, mode trecătoa­re, trucuri ieftine, utilaje inutile, substanțe și tehnici care te păcălesc pe față. Și totul ambalat într-un limbaj duios, respectuos și virtuos de academicieni și doctori versați în patafizică și șarlatanie ultra-fină.

SHIPWRECK ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY: post-anthropocenic research into After Earth Corporations, Deepartments, Data Recovery Foundations and CO2missions – a foray into monstrous (big) data sets of extinct (submerged) para-institutions (2013, Open Monument exhibition catalogue)

This is a search for the institutional life-cycles and organizational fossils after an extinction-level event. As such, an incipient and essentially incomplete survey of always surprising and unsuspecting organizational mechanisms perambulates, by constantly scanning for the catastrophic proportions or disproportions of institutes, governmental agencies, foundations and companies.

DEEP TIME INDUSTRIES: the Law of Prochronism, future Paleontology and the unforeseen effects of planned and in-built obsolescence (Open Monument exhibition catalogue 2013)

We are not talking here about an end, but about a sort of pre-recorded, pre-inscribed, and a definitely non-spectacular, consumatio mundi as an educational tool and metaphysical solace: the pertinent and tangible artifacts of a world coating itself up. A world producing its own growth rings and index fossils. The reconstructed Bosphorus seabed display exhibited a collection of contemporary objects dredged from the murky depths, the usual junk that ends up flushed into and is slowly accumulating in the world ocean.

Zukünfte der Zukunft: Wie Nerd-Kulturen es immer wieder schaffen, Zukunftsbilder zu prägen (Berliner Gazette 2016)

Während du Zuhause in deinem improvisierten Raumschiff meditierst, dich auf Cons (großen Fan-Treffen) herumtreibst oder mit gleichgesinnten Nerds abweichende Dialoge einstudierst, erwirbst du etwas, was ich mit dem englischen Begriff coating umschreiben würde, eine Art Beschichtung. Mit der Zeit nimmt deine klebrige Popaganda-Beschichtung ziemlich verstörende, kritisch-relevante Züge deiner Lieblings-Blockbuster-Franchise an.

review 2020 – The Hidden Life of the Cell (2012, documentary, TimeSpace Warps blog)

Vibrational: Finally a documentary that takes into account the fact that all all molecular parts of the cell (not mentioning the atomic lattices) are under constant vibrational trepidation. Once could build on this vibrational metaphysics at work here at this biochemical molecular level and this movie makes it very clear for the first time.

review: Ghostophonia by Makunouchi Bento & Silent Strike (music album 2020)

Suffering from various bouts of welcome amnesia, lacunae and willful silliness, Ghostophonia traverses the whole audible history of our lifetimes.

As the very first sound recordings ever made, they are plagued by mediumatic break downs, by parasitic hiss, by unintentional disturbances that are part and body of the recording, weaving all frequencies together. Hauntology is past its prime some say, a ghost of a ghost, but it is also a permanent feature that thrives in the current climate of replay retromanias and future past gone viral.

2020 manifesto (written cca 2002-2003)

This is what this is all about, not only plain, unselfish, progression to a an International-Space-Station existence. We are the people who have always enjoyed deep-freeze nitrogen ice-cream. Try it sometimes. It may offer you a glimpse of the future.

TRACEROUTE (Johannes Grentzfurthner 2016, documentar) sau ce înseamnă să lingi cu poftă izotopii radioactivi de pe glazura planetară a culturii de masă (Criticatac, April 2016)

M-a uimit că era și în engleză și în germană. Era o revistă bine tipărită, dar aflată la antipodul revistelor glam sau elitismelor și rafinamentelor locale românești de la vremea aia, oferind în plus o contra-expertiză în domenii obscure și aparent imposibil de penetrat și instituționalizat. E destul să vă zic că avea pe copertă oameni îmbrăcați în iepuri păroși cu cartoane de ouă în mână și promitea „portofolii de salubrizare/remediere ontologică”.

The Beastly Revolution and other ape-pocalyptic visions (bio-matter, August 2011)

What is original is that we are living in a Darwin’s Nightmare since at least the end of the 19th century and High Imperialism. This much publicized nightmare seems to always imply some return of the brute, a return of the repressed primitive, of the colonized, a return of the famished and impoverished masses, a violent return of the exploited other. What is new maybe is a rampant fear of a sudden spark of new intelligence, as one of the drawbacks of dangerous and unreliable Enlightenment, and that, oh dear, in fact viral intelligence can wreak havoc as much as blind rage.

Umanimalul revoluționar – bestiarul fioros și dioramele violenței de azi (Criticatac, March 2012)

Putem observa la sfârșit de 2011 o anume dificultate din partea mașinii taxonomice imperiale occidentale de a înzestra protestatarii umani, indiferent de loc, gen și apartenență de clasă, cu calități universal umane și cu un comportament cel puțin pe măsura situației disperate. Invers putem urmări ușurința cu care sunt enumerate modele de bestialitate și furie greșită, reintroduse ca amenințare subumana, izbucnită prin surprindere și pe nepregătite. Ca parte dintr-un repertoriu rasist și speciist deloc învechit, umanul a fost bestializat în mass-media printr-o serie de avatare fioroase precum spărgătorul de geamuri, manglitorul cu glugă pe față și piromanul molotovist.