Gleaners of Sino-Europa

Now it lies shattered, as if a typhoon struck more than 500 improvised booths and stalls, a life time of trade measured in a tide of empty packaging, multicolored raffia bags, torsos of headless plastic mannequins, cardboard boxes once carefully folded and stappled, blank invoices strewn around, innumerable tangles of plastic rope, shoes of all sizes, unpaired undergarments, toys studded with leds – the floatsam jetsam sucked in and out trough rapidly accelerating swirlpools of production, distribution and over-consumption.

Romania Dracula Land Bär on Air (19.00 h Thursday 12 April 2005 Freies Radio für Stuttgart)

This is a recording of a radio show Bär on Air special Romania. In Stuttgart I met a wonderful guy and great radio DJ Andreas Bär from the Freies Radio Stuttgart on 99.2 MHz (Antenne) 102,1 (Kabel). I tried to introduce some of the electronic musicians +snapshots of the RO experimental music scene way in 2005. Some people are still around some I’ve lost contact with but here you can hear them here.
The music played was published as Target Trash # compilation (a DVD zine by Karl Killian aka FMZombiemaus from Vienna).

Herpes Awakening:: the creeping into perception trough virotic paresthesia and formication:: (Jungle Juice zine, Supernova editions 2015)

It is not only hiding behind the veil of emotive forces and voluntary or involuntary motor control, it also interpolates itself under their radar, it inactivates or dis-activates or kills these switches at will (*I would avoid calling it “will” or bind it within intentionality and I’ll try to show you why below). Suffice to know (or not sufficient just “to know” in this case) that it makes its home by infecting the heart of human-zootic sensorium beyond its doors of human perception – in the very nucleus of the nerve’s cell body.

The Feral Aesthetics of the Glow in the Dark (2016 bio-matter blog)

The almost hysteric, overflow and cellular vibratory excess shimmers & somehow does not adhere to the golden Triangle or perform the ordered symmetry of the usual HD prize winning ‘beautiful’ macrophotography of impeccable butterfly wing scales and exquisite, composite eyes. I am not saying the actual cytoplasmic dynamics are ugly or repulsive in any way – because in fact they are beautiful and deadly at the same time. I tried to find the tipping point when they become unsettling, transitional between in vivo & ex vivo, lofi/hi-def, not really sure where they happen or if their initial bodies or tissue cultures still exist or have survived these recordings.

WALLs as Biophilters, Genetic Bottlenecks & New Wallace Lines (bio-matter blog 2014)

These are places of new, man-made Wallace Lines separating newly developed (and unintended) baleful biogeographies (in a sense xenobiogeographies) of arrested dispersal; keeping out entire biotopes considered repulsive, unwanted, destructive or simply chronologically unacceptable.

decentering chordata columnarity with the help of urochordata (bio-matter blog 2011)

This important groups of sea creatures has voted long-ago for bottom-feeding and filter-feeding, and if so, it has also quietly revolted against superior aims, against teleology, against intelligent design or against a chain of being rising from inanimate matter to us vertebrate angels.

Runaway Architecture & Kinetic Arcology (article, CCB blog 2013)

Arcology is not only a literary or cinematic subgenre, it is also vehicle for ffwd the un- scalable dimensions of urban expansion and its inverse pull – the retreating city, the ruined carcass left behind expansion. As such, arcologies fuse both terminus points – the growth or the degrowth, revealing their unity within one continuing Babel movement.

The Sunken Centrifugal Pumps of Industrial Capitalism cca 1911 (entry, CCB blog 2013)

Some of these metal heart transplants stayed underground as sunken pumps. These proto-mail order catalogues (actually telegram order catalogues as part of what some have called the Victorian Internet*) introduced the first images of motors and motor halls, factories and early control rooms all looking quite deserted and unmanned.